Build Your Venture Online This Summer

With a community of builders and creatives like you
No idea required.

Program Starts July 6th 
Program Capped at 15 Students

Accelerate your career with entrepreneurial skills this summer

A remote, purpose-driven program
July 6th-August 3rd

50% discount until April 31st at 11:59 PM PST
to help families affected by COVID-19

Test Drive an Entrepreneurial Career

Whether it's starting your own venture or joining another, entrepreneurship is a great way to pursue a career that is meaningful.

Finally, a summer program where you get to experience starting a venture yourself.

See what Heroes can do when they discover their passion.

You are here because you are part of the new generation of leaders.

Heroes of Purpose is here to support you along every step of your journey.

Weeks 1-4
Part 1: Brand Accelerator

Build an audience for a brand you create and develop a plan to create a successful purpose-driven business.

Weeks 5-8
Part 2: Build a Venture or Join a Team

Stay supported through weekly coaching and collaboration sessions.

Our program attracts students from top universities

What makes an incredible online experience?

40 hours of workshops
It's a workshop because you do the work.  All work goes toward the project you create with a team of your peers.
3-4 person teams
80-85% of the work happens in small teams, where you build your own purpose-driven venture which betters the world.
10+ Teachers and Facilitators
Learn from 7-figure purpose-driven entrepreneurs, NASA space scientists, and coaches with millions of views online.
1 Incredible Experience
Work on mini projects to grow the venture you create. What you learn from these projects will be relevant to any career.

Founders and Head Teachers

Quinntin Ruiz

Quinn started his first 6-figure company delivering food on-demand when he was nineteen. He also redesigned a curriculum that reaches thousands of students for a nonprofit that focuses on resolving emotional conflict.

George Mason Lantay

George has worked at top-ranked psychology firms in the US. He has also traveled to 15+ countries to learn from the best personal development teachers  in the world.

Yash Tekriwal

Yash has run programs for thousands of students from UVA, Brown, UPenn, Stanford, and more. He also serves as a coach in the altMBA—the only online workshop that boasts a 98% completion rate.

Entrepreneurship is invaluable ... no matter your path

You aspire to be a purpose-driven entrepreneur

You know the impact you are here to make. You’re ready to create your own company, if you haven't already.

You're planning to build a side-hustle

To you, entrepreneurship means fun and freedom. Starting a side hustle will give you extra income, and this program will help you get there.

You want to be employee 2-10 at a startup

You don't have a startup idea but you're eager to work with a team on something exciting.

Meet our guest speakers on the 

“Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels ... the ones who see things differently.
You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or villify them, but the one thing you can’t do is ignore them, 
because they change things… because the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do."
-Steve Jobs


Meet Mike Townsend, Hero Mentor. He has raised $23 million from Techstars, Graham Holdings, Social Capital, Science Inc., and other venture capital firms for his company Home Hero. 


Meet Jules Schroeder, Hero Mentor, ranked as #1 of 26 Women to Change the World by Inc. Magazine. She is the founder of Unconventional Life, a conference for purpose-driven leaders.


Meet Gavin Dantez, Hero Mentor, featured in Forbes and deemed the "Mad Scientist of Marketing" by Inc. Magazine for scaling an e-commerce business from $0-$3 million in revenue in one year. 


Meet Virginia Salas Kastilio, Hero Mentor and founder of the "I Trust You" Movement. Virginia was ranked the #1 Female Business Snapchat influencer in the world. 


Weekly Example Schedule

Our calls run from 5pm-7pm Pacific and 5pm-7pm Eastern to accommodate daytime activities.


Large group welcome

Co-working in teams 


Small group coaching call

Co-working in teams 


Guest workshop

Co-working in teams 


Small group coaching call

Co-working in teams 


Guest workshop

Co-working in teams 


Optionally coordinate with your team to work further on your project

Our students love our programs


Banting Memorial High School

"Before the Hero program, I had a hard time deciding the life I wanted to live. Throughout the program I learned how to create balance in every aspect of my life. I learned about building a business, but also about making an impact while creating a beautiful lifestyle for myself as well. I now have an incredible vision of how to create the life that I want."


Applied Sciences, Freiburg

"Before Heroes of Purpose, I was trying to figure out what I would do after school. The Hero program changed my life. I was able to structure my business and build on my personal development. During the Hero program, I onboarded my first clients, started teaching my first workshops, built my website, and created a huge amount of energy moving forward."



"Before the Hero program, I didn't understand the connection between entrepreneurship & personal development. Beyond building a business, Heroes of Purpose taught me to transform my emotions in an incredible way. I feel like I know myself at a far deeper level. This experience was invaluable to me as an aspiring entrepreneur."


If I'm not currently in college or didn't go to college, can I still apply?
Yes! We believe in accepting applicants from all backgrounds. All you need is the drive to make an impact and persevere through challenges.. Our successful students have ranged everywhere from high school graduates to Ph.D students at top research universities. 
Can I still do the program if I have an internship this summer? 
Yes! We host our live Zoom calls in the evenings every weekday, so you can work during the day and join your community at night. 

Can I still do the program if I'm waiting to hear back from my internship? 
Yes! The program is 10 hours a week, which can be done at the same time as a remote summer internship. 

Do I have to have experience in entrepreneurship?
Not at all! You do not need entrepreneurial experience to attend Hero Experience. We believe diversity in experience, no matter your major, is what creates our rich community. 

Is this program completely online? Is it safe with COVID-19?
Absolutely to both! Because the form of entrepreneurship we teach enables you to create a project digitally, it makes you far more prepared for the world of remote work. 

Can I bring a team of my friends with me to attend Hero Experience?
Yes! If you have friends you'd like to work with, you may all apply and be a part of the same team. 

Are you ready to accelerate your summer?

Our core program includes:

  • ​1 week of personal development to discover your why
  • ​1 week of teamwork to create a purpose-driven venture
  • ​1 week of content creation to prepare a venture launch
  • ​1 week of social media growth to promote your venture
  • ​4 weeks of continued coaching and support
  • ​Connections to 10+ incredible teachers and facilitators
  • ​Life-changing insights on purpose-driven career trajectories
  • ​Lifetime access to community calls every 3 months
  • ​Lifetime access to Hero Alumni Community

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